7-10 Year - Synergy 2 Part Base & Top Ceramic Coating

(2) 30ML Bottles

**Authorized installers please contact customer service before ordering for your discounts on this product***

The most revolutionary coating available today! The synergy of Carbon Nano and NON- Carbon coatings combined to give you insane hardness, slickness, water beading, and protection from water spots, Bird Droppings, and just about anything else.

Higher Resin Loading Level: elevated resin loading compared to similar strictly quartz-based coatings due to the increased ease of use allowing this.

       Less Prone to Water Spotting: less penetration of the contaminants into the coating matrix.

       Lower Sliding Angle: Water evacuates at angles less than 10-15° of tilt over traditionally 20° and higher! This presents itself as a highly dynamic hydrophobicity, compared to the more traditional static hydrophobicity of strictly quartz-based coatings.

       Higher Contact Angle: bead angles averaging 110-115° or more on almost any substrate applied.

       Higher Stain Resistance: bugs, saps, droppings, fallout, etc.

       Higher Scratch/Mar Resistance: the added graphene-oxide imparts additional tensile strength to boost hardness.

10 Year guarantee when applied and maintained by an authorized Dura-Coating Technology Installer

The hardness of 10H and the protection of a Carbon graphene coating.  Make no mistake, there is no NON-graphene ceramic coating that can protect better than a Carbon graphene coating. The molecular structure of a carbon graphene offers far better protection than any SIO2 ceramic on the market today. We have several SIO2 ceramics ourselves also that are great, but they will not protect like a Carbon Graphene coating will. Not to mention slickness beyond any other ceramic coating on the market today!

No other coating today will give you the protection and water shedding that SYNERGY will! We test coatings from other manufactures all year to see how they measure up. So far no coating has surpassed our SYNERGY 10H coating.

We recommend 1 coat of base and 2 coats of top for the most extreme protection

***This is a PRO level coating. If this is your first go at applying a ceramic coating we recommend you choose our X-Treme Nano coat or Graph-X6 to start with. Both of those coatings will be much more friendly to apply.

Surface needs to be properly prepped using our Step 1 compound, Step 2 final polish, and or Ceramic Final Polish along with Clay bar if needed prior to application.

We recommend doing a full wash on the vehicle with our No More Water Spots soap, then Clay Bar, Then Step 1 and or Step 2 and or Ceramic Final polish, then a full wipe down with Surface Prep twice, then apply ceramic coatings.