How Much Dura-Dressing will I need?

A standard car will use about 1.5-2oz of Dura-Dressing, a standard SUV will Use 2oz of Dura-dressing, a Standard pickup truck will use about 2-2.5oz of Dura-Dressing, a Large 45' Motor Coach with 6 tires will use about 6oz of Dura-Dressing, a Semi Truck Tractor with 6 tires will use about 6oz of Dura-Dressing.

What Size Bottle Come With Each Tire Kit?

The single vehicle kits comes with 4oz

The XL kit comes with 8oz

The Semi Truck / RV kit comes with 16oz

The XXL Reload comes with 16oz

Do I really need the Dura-Cleaner Tire Cleaner & Prep Product?

Even though you may have a tire cleaner you usually use we do not recommend applying Dura-Dressing to any tire that has not been cleaned with Dura-Cleaner first. Dura-Cleaner was designed and created for us specifically to strip silicones and solvents left behind from previous tire dressings. We have yet to find a stronger cleaner. Use it and you'll understand.

How Much Cleaner will I need?

On a standard car with a normal sidewall tire you will use about 16oz of Dura-Cleaner. On a standard SUV Like a Jeep Cherokee you may need up to 32oz of cleaner. Large trucks and pickup trucks may use 32oz or more cleaner depending on what type of tire dressing was used previously on the tires

Which Traditional Tire Dressings Will Be Hardest To Remove?

From our testing we have concluded that Tire Gels that are very very thick are the hardest to remove such as Black Magic tire Gel. Black Magic Tire Wet is also difficult to remove and may take additional cleanings and dwell time for the cleaner to remove fully.

I applied Dura-Dressing To My Tires But They Aren't Shiny or Dura-Dressing Came Off My Tires With In a Few Days?

Although this is a very rare event it may happen. 

The first thing to note is that every batch of Dura-Dressing is tested for Durability for 4 weeks before any of it is shipped to any customers. Dura-Dressing must remain in good condition for 15 cleaning within 4 weeks. So we do guarantee that the Dura-Dressing you have received will do what we show it will do. There is only 1 thing can stop Dura-Dressing from working and that's a tire that still has solvents, oils, or silicone on it. Yes, a tire that's not fully cleaned is the only reason. We have a 100% success rate at our facility using Dura-Dressing. Why? Because we never apply until we are absolutely certain the tire is ready to accept the coating. Tire Prep makes or breaks Dura-Dressing. When you receive your Dura-Dressing kit in the mail its up to you to get the tires ready for Dura-Dressing.

We recommend at least 4 cleanings on a tire that has previously has traditional tire dressing on them.

If you've applied 3 coats of Dura-Dressing in temperatures above 65 Degrees F and Dura-Dressing isn't shining yet there is a good chance the tires needed more cleaning.  This is not a big deal. You can contact us and we can help you solve the problem. Dura-Dressing a friendly coating that's very easy to use. 

We fully understand that you may done all that the directions said but it still leaves us to the point that there is only one way Dura-Dressing will not work. So even though you cleaned the tires as directed they will need another cleaning to solve the problem.

There is also a way you can put your mind at ease that the Dura-Dressing you have will shine. Wear gloves and grab an old rag or paper towel. Apply 1-2 drops and wipe onto the black Dura-Dressing bottle and allow to dry in a warm environment for several minutes. Dura-Dressing will shine on the plastic bottle and bond to the surface so long as the bottle is still clean. Now you now for yourself that the Dura-Dressing isn't the issue. Please contact us for help for any questions or issues you may have.