Our story... so far!

We are a proudly family owned and operated business making professional detailing products guaranteed to out perform whatever you've been using!

Dura-Coating Technology is a family business operating in Naples Florida.

Our mission is to deliver products that not only work, but work in the real world; you know like outside, in the sun, where 99% of detailers and car owners do their detailing.  We still own and operate our own local detailing business, so we know exactly what challenges there are with using consumer grade products and trying to get professional results.

Dura-Coat products are what we call "Professional Grade". That means we make non-diluted products that you actually will use less of, saving you money along way. There is no comparison between our products and the diluted stuff you buy at the auto parts stores. The professional detailers we supply will confirm that our products work and work better than anything they've ever used.

Running a succesful detailing business is challenging enough without the problems associated with using the wrong chemical, accessory or equipment for the job.

Durable auto detailing products are no longer a myth!

Dura-Coat cleaners, degreasers, and protective coatings are developed and tested in the heat and humidity of sunny Southwest Florida!  Our products produce brilliant results, with a shine that outlasts other brands. We are so confident of our professional grade durable auto detailing products that we offer them with a 100% money back guarantee — we call it Dura-Sure. You’ll call it fantastic.

Dura-Coat patented chemicals keeps tires shinier, longer

A durable tire shine starts with a superior tire cleaning!  Soap and water is just not enough to get your tires truly clean as it is not effective in removing the built-up layers of old tire dressing products and road grime. A thorough cleaning with our Dura-Cleaner tire cleaner, which cuts thorugh years of abuse is the beginning of beautiful, shiny tires. 

Dura-Cleaner is the workhorse of our durable auto detailing products. Sold full-strength in two convenient sizes. Your longest lasting shine starts right here.

Tired of seeing your tire shine product go down the drain every time you wash your car or drive through snow and rain?

You need Dura-Dressing, our premier, race-tested durable auto tire dressing product. Once applied to properly cleaned tires, Dura-Dressing will outshine and outlast any other tire dressing on the market. Guaranteed!


Because it is a polymer, not a tacky silicone-based product or a greasy oil-based product. Shine your tires the way the pros do — with Dura-Cleaner and Dura-Dressing, an unstoppable combination!

Easy engine cleaning with our spray-and-rinse degreaser

Are you disappointed that your freshly-washed engine bay still looks old and chalky, especially in those hard-to-reach areas? Try our No Touch Engine Bay Cleaner and degreaser. It will easily remove old oil residue and baked-on grease — just spray and rinse! Imagine having a sparkling engine bay — with no scrubbing! Start your engines toward a shiny finish.

Durable auto detailing product does double duty

Applied as a wheel well dressing, Dura-Coat X can shine up your truck’s wheel wells, painted frame, springs, suspension, or any other part in your wheel well. Specially formulated and available as part of our Wheel Well Dressing Kit.

Paired with our No Touch Engine Cleaner, this Dura-Coat X formula brings faded engine bays back to life. Dura-Coat X will restore a long-lasting shine to plastic, painted metal or oxidized surfaces. On your vehicle, apply it to bumpers, side-view mirrors, truck beds, or anywhere else the elements have dulled your shine.

Dura-Coat X can also be applied to oxidized patio furniture, bronze pool cages, fences, and faded or oxidized latex-painted surfaces with stunning results! Long-lasting shine that stands up to even Florida’s hot sun!

Trust our durable auto detailing products to put a shine on your life and a smile on your face!