Engine Bay Cleaner - No Touch No Scrub

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*Not for use on Aluminum*

16oz bottle of Xtreme Duty engine bay cleaner & degreaser makes 48oz for newer vehicles engine bay cleanings.  NO TOUCH ENGINE BAY CLEANER! LITERALLY just spray and rinse.  Now 50% stronger. Dilute: 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water for newer vehicles that don't have baked on oil and grease residue or even more diluted for less cleaning ability or on more sensitive engines. Use full strength for old more worn engine bays with lots of old oil residue that built up and baked on heavy.  We offer Professional Grade Products. We don't dilute our products down just to lower the cost so we get more people to buy. Once you use our stuff you will always use our stuff. It works better, faster, and you use less product because of that. Our products are the best Bang for you buck available today.

*not recommended for custom engine components or engines with bare metals, bare aluminum, zinc, or bare stainless steel, etc..Recommended for most all standard factory engine bays.  Always use the lowest dilution rate to accomplish the task properly for what ever your needs may be.