Dura-Dressing Instructions & Care

How To Take Care of Dura-Dressing Once You Apply It:

Wash both your rims and tires with only car wash soap/dish detergent, diluted degreaser, water, and a soft brush. We do offer two wheel cleaners that are Dura-Dressing safe as well. Do not use harsh chemicals on tires or on wheels every time you wash your car. Wash your tires each time you wash your car or when ever they are dirty. Do not apply any other tire dressings to the tire once you apply Dura-Dressing. Make certain any auto dealer service appointments do not end up with silicone tire dressing over the Dura-Dressing.

Always wear gloves. Every 2-3 months on a daily driver we recommend a deep cleaning to remove oils and heavy debris from the road. Dura-Dressing stays flexible and soft what soft so over time its possible for it to need a good cleaning. It's actually very easy to do. Simply use Dura-Cleaner or our Heavy duty tire cleaner and a microfiber pad. Apply the cleaner to the microfiber pad and wipe it around the tire 3-4 times. You will see the suds start to turn brown removing oils and debris from the surface. Rinse thoroughly with the hose right away. Thats it. Your tires are now ready for a quick "touch up" coat of Dura-Dressing again. imply apply with a microfiber pad or foam applicator. You want use very much during this application as the dura-dressing base coat is still on the tires. Repeat this process every 2-3 months on a daily driver. A non-daily driver may only need this done every 8-18 months. If the tires are still shining to your liking they don't need a deep clean yet.

Always wear gloves. Do not apply Dura-Dressing in direct sunlight. You may touch up your Dura-Dressing when needed by using a foam applicator or micro fiber pad. Wash tires first with soft brush, wash soap or dish detergent water mix. Then apply a small amount of Dura-Dressing to the applicator pad and apply a couple very thin coats on tire. You will not need very much. No need to over apply. This step should be very quick. Between 30 seconds – 2 min per tire. We recommend doing this every 6-10 weeks on a daily driver to renew the UV protection and shine. Just because the shine may be slightly dull doesn’t mean Dura-Dressing is gone. Its still there. Every few months the Dura-Dressing will need a quick deep cleaning as stated above. This should be done by applying Dura-Cleaner, NOT Dura-Dressing to a microfiber pad. Make 3 or 4 passes around the tire with the saturated microfiber pad. The surface will turn brown. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Once dry you can reapply some Dura-Dressing for a renewed shine look.

Do NOT use harsh chemicals on your rims or tires once Dura-Dressing has been applied. Discard any remaining Dura-Dressing 6 months from date of purchase. Store at 50F-75F.

What is Dura-Dressing?

Dura-Dressing is a flexible clear coat that dries and cures much like a paint would. Dura-Dressing does not use oils or silicones, is completely dry, and non-sticky once cured. Its washable, water proof, wont fling, wont turn brown, and lasts for months. Its literally what everyone wishes their tire dressing was. Dura-Dressing will not peel or crack.

How Is Dura-Dressing Applied?

Dura-Dressing is applied just like a traditional tire dressing with a foam or microfiber applicator. It’s pretty simple actually. The most critical step is cleaning the tire properly with our tire cleaner designed just for us to strip and remove old tire dressing that was previously applied to that tire. The tires will usually require 3-4 cleanings to remove all the old tire dressing. And yes all of it needs to be removed or the Dura-Dressing will not perform properly. The tire may turn brown as a result of the old tire dressing still turning brown under the Dura-Dressing clear coat. Or the Dura-dressing may not shine if applied over old tire dressing. Or it may simply last just a few days if the tire surface still has silicone as nothing can stick to silicone. The Dura-Dressing needs to stick to the tire, not the old tire dressing. Dura-Dressing cant bond to another tire dressing. You wouldn’t ceramic coat a car right over the polish you just corrected the paint with. You have to clean the polish off and prep the surface for the ceramic coating to stick to paint. Dura-Dressing is like ceramic coating for your tires. It needs a properly prepped surface and it will work every time.

How Long Does Dura-Dressing Take to Dry?

Dura-Dressing will dry at different rates depending on the temperature its applied in. For examples in Florida at 80F it will dry with in 1-4min and if you place the tires in direct sunlight for 30 min per each side of the vehicle it will be virtually water proof in 1 hours time. Without direct sunlight to help cure Dura-Dressing we recommend 12 hours for a total dry time at 75-90F and 24 hours for cooler temperatures. If you should apply Dura-Dressing and the tires happen to get wet before full cure, Dura-Dressing will not all come off. Simply re-apply over what was already applied. Dura-Dressing is very easy to work with. Do not apply to tires that are in direct sunlight. We do not recommend applying during dressing in below freezing temperatures. You will need a heated area to both clean the tires and then apply dura-dressing. 

How Long Does Dura-Dressing Really Last?

Well to start lets understand that once you apply Dura-Dressing to a tire its on there for a very long time. Even if the tire isn’t very shiny anymore. Its only the shine that will need to be renewed. The shine will wear from abrasion from the road or driving conditions. Further more how often the vehicle is driven and what conditions the vehicle is driven in will impact the shine. For example Dura-Dressing will shine for perhaps a year without touching it on vehicles only driven on weekends and kept in the garage. For maximum shine on a daily driver we recommend quick “Reload” coat at least every 12 weeks (A reload coat takes about 1-2 min per tire. Please see the "how to car for dura-dressing section"). Re-Load applications of Dura-Dressing are fast. Wash the tire first with wash soap and water. Rinse and dry the tire. It only takes about 1-2 min per tire. Please see the "how to care for your dura-dressing section" for full details and instructions. You may reapply Dura-Dressing when ever you want. You will never need to re-scrub the tires again as you did during the tire cleaning process.