BOOST 7H - Worlds STRONGEST spray ceramic sealant! ***NEW***

*Due to massive volume of orders this product may take several days to ship* 

OVER 60% CERAMIC!!!!!!!  Everything else on the market is only 5-10%! 600% stronger! Last 1 year or longer!!!

Throw away everything else you've been using!!! Real protection and shine!!!

REAL CERAMIC SPRAY!!! 600% stronger than the competition!!!

2oz spray bottle is enough to do up to 3-4 cars!!! Cheaper than the junk youre using now!!! Nothing can protect better than REAL ceramic! Fast and easy!

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 - Layerable 30 minutes apart

- Wash & Dry your vehicle first

-Clean any previous waxes or sealants from your vehicle first. Rubbing alcohol does a great job to strip waxes and sealants.

- Simply spray and wipe!!! 

- Wash vehicle with Ceramic Wash to maintain, use Re-Charge spray detailer as a topper. DO NOT USE other products than Dura-Coating Technologies. They can cloud the coating. Cheap products from retail stores and auto parts stores are made with cheap junk filler such as mineral spirits and silicone in order to fool you. Only use the best, Dura-Coating Technology!