5-7 Year - Aviation & Marine Carbon Graphene Ceramic Coating


Not Recommended for Dark colors. For darker colors use our Nano-X7 for Planes and our X-Treme Nano coat for Boats and RV's

This is an ADVANCED use only product. Will create a slickness you didnt know was possible!

Aviation & Marine Nano is a 5-7 year rated 10H graphene nano coating with 1-3 coats on properly prepared painted surface. Can be layered to last longer as well.  Made in the USA. This is our highest performing coating. Unsurpassed.

Creates insane depth and shine. Tremendous slickness and water beading.

Insane depth, shine and protection. More resistant to water spots than traditional ceramic coatings. Creates a slicker, smoother surface feel then ceramics. Tighter water beads and better water shedding.

Coats may be applied 20-45 minutes apart from each coat. The Plane in the video used (3) 50Ml bottles with 2 coats applied to all surfaces.


 Apply to cool dry, clean and prepped surface only. Best to polish and remove all imperfections before beginning. 2 coats are recommended for best performance. Allow 24-48 hours to cure before  Surface should remain free of water and rain for 24 hours. Watch the video above for installation procedures.

For Maintenance Use Re-Charge spray detailer after each wash and our Graphene Wash as your wash soap. DO NOT USE other companies products for maintenance! You could cause the coating to become cloudy or fail all together. Not all products are compatible. 

***The best performance from any ceramic nano coating will always be a properly prepped surface.  Clay bar and machine polish with our machine polishes right for your application, etc. Estimated life in marine environment is generally 1-3 years with 3 coats. Longer with less exposure to elements and with proper maintenance.