No More Water Spots



No More Water Spots is an ultra concentrated, extremely effective, LOW foam cleaner. Only 1-2oz per gallon of water are needed. No More Water Spots has great lubricity and rinses amazing fast with a spot free additive to help eliminate water spotting. If you have hard water or have trouble with water spotting this auto wash can help! No more Water Spots will not strip or remove wax or sealants when used as recommended. No More Water Spots will leave a super clean conditioned surface. Reduce water spotting by 50-90%.

Works Amazing at removing Road Salt during Winter!!!

No More Water Spots will leave a perfectly prepped surface and should always be followed with a paint protective coating of our super long lasting Dura-Wax, Liquid Wet spray wax, or our X-Treme Seal Spray Sealant.

Use as little 1-2oz per gallon of water depending on soil level and hardness of water. Do not wash in the direct sun or a hot surface. Wash and rinse each panel starting with the top of the car and working your way down. Wash 1 section at a time and rinse. Do not let no more water spots dry on the surface. Each person will have different water so find how it works best for us. You may need more and you may need less per oz.