Professional Detailers & Auto Dealers Dura-Dressing - 32-42 vehicle Kit


This package includes 64oz of Dura-Dressing permanent tire clear coat and 3 gallons of Dura-Cleaner tire cleaner along with 5 scrub brushes.

This package will clean and dress 32-42 standard cars @ $9.50 per vehicle your cost.

If you install ceramic coating then this should be a simple sell for you. Dura-Dressing is like ceramic coating for your tires. It makes traditional tire dressing obsolete. Its water proof, washable, won't turn brown, rain proof, wont fling, and will lasts for months on a daily driver. Will last a year or longer on a garage queen.

Install as on add on with a detail or wash for $50-$100 extra.

We recommend charging between $199-$299 for a stand alone service with 4-6 touch ups per year included (customer comes to you or you provide 4-6oz for customer to touch up themselves). $249-$399 on a larger more difficult tread pattern truck (like a BF Goodrich tire on a Ford Raptor 2hr install est)