Diamond Coat 2yr Ceramic Detail Package - 20% off Code. dura20

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A professional detailer would charge $800-$2000 depending on what type of vehicle you have to apply the products in this kit. All the products are in this kit are professional products and coatings used by New Car Auto Dealers & Detailers.

If you cant afford to use a Pro...Do it yourself and save over $600 - $1800!

Get all the products you need to remove scratches, swirls, heavy contamination and make your paint not only shine but protect your paint like never before. Your vehicle will look better then when it was NEW!!!

Nothing can protect and shine like a Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coatings are a permanent bond to the vehicles paint. Resistant to over 700 Degrees! Add layers of coatings over 50% harder than your vehicles current clear coat.


- 2-3 Day Priority Shipping!

- Diamond Coat Ceramic Coating - Easy to apply 2 year coating

-16oz Exterior Deep Clean & Prep

-Step 1 Polish for heavy scratches

-Step 2 Final polish

-16oz Clay Luber

-Super Clay Bar

-16oz Crazy Suds Ceramic Safe Auto Soap