Diamond Coat Ceramic Nano Coating Lasts 2 years with 1 coat!

      Very easy to use and apply. Outstanding durability up to 2-3 years

                Will now last 2 years with just 1 coat!!!     Enough for 2 cars

  (50ML)        Diamond Coat is Absolutely Outstanding. Now 9H!  

Diamond Coat Ceramic Nano Coating will repel water, 

dirt, debris, oils, and contaminants while maintaining a clear, hard-as-nails finish. Water will literally fall off your vehicle. Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and will require no additional paint protection unless desired. Diamond Coat is chemical resistant, anti-static, all weather-resistant ceramic nano coating that provides superior protection. Diamond Coat works on the molecular or nano level to add not only protection but insane shine and depth as well. You just cant get better protection than ceramic coatings. Insane shine, depth, protection, and durability. Works on Paint, Plastic Trim, Glass, and Wheels! Will last up to 3 years or longer with up to 3 coats when properly prepped and properly maintained.

Wash Vehicle first with our Exterior Deep Clean & Prep prior to applying any coating to the vehicle. Use our Crazy Suds Ceramic Safe Auto Wash to maintain your new shine. Doing a very simple Clay Bar cleaning with make a dramatic different in how smooth and clean your paint it. This will also help Coatings bond to the paint for additional water beading, protection, shine, and longevity. For best results a polish with our Step 1 compound and or Step 2 compound prior to application will deliver the absolute highest shine. Try Our Easy to use Porter Cable Polisher for a do-it-yourself polish. Not chance of burning your paint with our easy to use Polisher.

You must remove all waxes and sealants from the surface before applying ceramic coatings using our Exterior Deep Clean & Prep. It will be very difficult to get a ceramic coating to bond to the paint if applied over other waxes or sealants. For best results use a clay bar, polish with our Step 1 and/or Step 2 polish first.