DA Professional Polish & Ceramic Package


To hire a professional to do a clay bar treatment, full polish with compound and final polish, and then apply a 2-3 year Made in USA ceramic coating would cost $700-$1400 for a car and $900-$1800 for a truck.

You can do it yourself for much less if you don't have the funds to hire a professional!


***FREE Priority Shipping***   $26 value

DA Polisher 

Diamond Coat Ceramic coating (50ml) (covers 2-3 vehicles several coats)

Micro Fiber Cutting pad

Micro Fiber med cut / finishing pad

DA Wool cutting pad

16oz Step 1 Compound polish

16oz Step 2 Final Polish

Hook & Loop backing plate

16oz Exterior deep clean & prep

Clay bar

 Not returnable once open or used

*Polishing pads have No Warranty as they are wear items*