DA Polisher Starter Ceramic Package

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Everything you need to remove swirls, prep your paint, and ceramic coat your vehicle!

- Dura-Coating Technology DA Polisher

- Orange Foam Polishing Pad

- Backing Plate

- 8 oz Ceramic Final Polish

- 8 oz Cryo Hybrid Ceramic Spray Detailer

- 30 mL Celsius Ceramic Coating (1 Year)

Recommended Steps:

1. Wash vehicle with light degreaser or Dawn dish soap 2-3 times to get vehicle clean

2. Polish vehicle using DA Polisher, Polishing pad, and Ceramic Final Polish. Watch the video on the ceramic final polish product page

3. Wipe off all residue on vehicle from Ceramic Final polish

4. Apply Celsius Ceramic Coating. Watch the video on the Celsius product page.

5. Allow Celsius to cure for 24 hours without getting wet. Wait 7 days before washing. Then wash vehicle with our Crazy Suds or Ceramic Wash soap. Spray with Cryo hybrid ceramic spray detailer with good quality microfiber towels such as our Plush edgeless towel.

*For heavier scratch and swirl removal if needed, use our Step 1 Compound Polish prior to using the Ceramic Final Polish along with a DA Microfiber Cutting Pad on our website. If you are unsure of what pad you should use or need assistance, please contact us by email at info@dura-coating.com or give us a call at 239-877-0411*