DA Polisher Graph-X6 10H Package

DA Polisher Graph-X6 10H Package includes everything you see!


Graph-X6 10H Graphene Nano Coating - 30ml

DA Polisher

Backing Plate

DA wool Pad

Microfiber cutting pad

Microfiber Finishing pad

16oz Ceramic Polish

16oz Step 1 Compound Polish

16oz Surface clean

200G Clay Bar

Our recommended Process would be as follows:

Step 1:  Wash vehicle with our Exterior Deep Clean

Step 2: Use Clay Bar

Step 3: Wipe vehicle down using wet cloth and a bucket or warm water

Step 4: Polish with Step 1 Compound polish using DA Wool or Cutting pad

Step 5: Wipe vehicle down using Surface Clean

Step 6: Polish with Ceramic Polish and Black Finish Pad

Step 7: Wipe vehicle down using our Plush Edgeless Towel to remove residue 

Step 8: Apply Graph-X6