Upholstery & More

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Can be used on all interior surfaces as a cleaner.

Use as little as 1oz in 1 gallon of water as an all purpose interior cleaner! That means a 16oz bottle can make up to 16 gallons of interior cleaner.

Dilute as needed for use on all surfaces. Leaves no residue. Biodegradable, Brightens, Protects, Cleans, all interior surfaces. For use on Carpets, Vinyl, Leather, Plastics, fabrics. Leaves a fresh clean smell on your interior.

Recommend to use Leather Soft, Multi-surface Detailer, or Leather Conditioner as the final product after Upholstery & More on leather, vinyl, and plastic interiors areas.

Directions: May be diluted by up to 10 parts water. Adjust dilution rate as needed. Add to a warm bucket of water to use as a pre-cleaner on leather, vinyl, and plastics with a soft towel or brush. For carpets and fabrics spray surface with desired dilution rate mixed with warm or hot water. Allow to dwell if needed. Massage into surface using a soft brush or towel. Use a vacuum to remove excess moisture from carpets and fabric surfaces. Pre-treat heavily soiled areas with our Miracle Interior Cleaner if needed. Repeats steps as needed.