Re-Charge Silica Ceramic Spray Wax


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Made In USA. 

May used on all Ceramic and non-ceramic coated surfaces. Contains more ceramic than any other ceramic infused spray detailer.

Made to bond existing ceramic coatings and painted surfaces. Creates a protective sacrificial layer that helps shed environmental contaminants and greatly extends the life of you ceramic coating. Should be used every 30-90 days on all ceramic coatings. Streak resistant as well.

Extends the life of ceramic coatings. Creates a slick high gloss hydro-phobic layer to protect ceramic coatings. May be used all non-ceramic coated surfaces also.

More durable than most spray waxes. Creates a superior bond to ceramic coatings that usually will not accept polymer sprays detailers or waxes.

 Instructions: Spray directly onto clean cool vehicles surface or directly onto soft microfiber towel and work into surface. Make sure surface is cleaned properly before use. Recommended use on ceramic coatings is every 3-6 months.