Pine Clean - Cleaner Degreaser Deodorizer


                                **Makes 3-4 gallons of cleaner**

PINE CLEAN is an ULTRA CONCENTRATED all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer formulated with real pine oil. Works great on carpets and upholstery. This effective cleaner is also great for general cleaning or for use on heavily soiled areas. Leaves a pleasant scent and is safe for use on all surfaces not affected by water. PINE CLEAN is economical and is highly concentrated. Excellent laundry presoak and for pre-treating stains. Great for use on the dash, doors, cup holders, stainless steel, vinyl, carpets, upholstery, and what ever else you can think of. Works amazing for interior odor removal like pets and smoke.

Use only 2-6oz per gallon of water! 1 gallon of Pine Clean makes up to 64 gallons of cleaner.