MATRIX Ceramic & Graphene Spray Sealants


MATRIX Ceramic Spray Sealant contains the deep, wet gloss, slickness, beading, and dirt/dust repellency into a convenient spray on, wipe off sealant!

This formula was designed to maintain the protection and quality of ceramic coatings. Durability lasting up to 6 months on daily drivers while staying gloss and shining after each wash! It's easy and ready to use formula can be applied to vehicle surfaces either wet or dry, making it perfect for topping your vehicle's protection and shine!

Simply spray on, and wipe off using a microfiber towel. 


MATRIX Graphene Ceramic Spray Sealant is built using nanotechnology that delivers a hydrophobic coating to protect your vehicle's paint from unwanted industrial and environmental elements. This product can be used on its own, or as a topper for a ceramic coating containing graphene.

Simply spray on, and wipe off using a microfiber towel.