Marine Upholstery Coating

Marine Upholstery Coating is a ceramic coating that can last 1-2 years or longer! Protect your interior from the harsh elements of water, bird droppings, bugs, dirt, or anything else that can stain or harm your interior. 

Give your interior the best protection, make your life easier when it comes to keeping it clean and always looking the best it can!

Make sure to clean off upholstery thoroughly before applying making sure there are no waxes, sealants or oils on the surface. Simply wipe on and wipe off for an easy application!

**Marine Upholstery Coating will last 1-2 years or longer depending on elements the surface is being exposed to as well as how often it is being used/maintained. Make sure that all waxes, sealants or oils are fully removed before applying the ceramic coating. Allow AT LEAST 24 hours to fully cure before getting the surface wet.***