Marine Polish - Gelcoat & Fiberglass Final Polish


Marine Polish may perhaps be the Worlds easiest polish for Gel Coats and Fiberglass. Marine Polish will quickly polish away chalky white residue, oxidation, and restore your boat from dull to dazzling in one quick step. Marine Polish can correct, polish, and leave a protective sealant all in 1 step.   Remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, deep cleans and removes contamination in one step as well as leaving behind a synthetic sealant for lasting protection. Clarity, Depth, and protection are all renewed with just one product. Will also make your waxes and sealants last longer , work better, and shine more brilliantly. The quickest way to do it all available today.  (also labeled under our All-N-1 Polish)  Made in USA

*For more stubborn Gel coats with heavier Oxidation Use our Marine Compound heavy cut.