Invisa-Shield Clear Bottom Coatings

Invisa-Shield Clear Bottom Coating

Colored bottom paint lowers the value of your boat!!! Some marinas will not accept boats with colored bottoms paint anymore! Our coatings are 100% clear. No one will even know you have a bottom coating on your boat!

Finally bottom coatings that's aren't colored, doesn't look horrible, and wont slow your boat down!!!  

We have 2 different bottom coatings:

Invisa-Shield FLX:  Made for boats stored in water for longer than 5-10 days

A rubberized Flexible durable bottom coating made for long term storage in water. Regular cleaning is recommended. Watch the video above for how barnacles and algae wipe off super easy! When your boat is removed from the water the bottom should be cleaned immediately for super easy clean up. Your boat should should be on regular maintenance program if left in the water for long term. You determine the schedule of cleaning based on the water your boat is in. It may require light wipe down every 2 weeks or every 2 months depending on your water. ( Please call for availability. This product is in high demand and difficult to manufacture. Orders ship in 1-7 days usually. Feel free to call us for what is available and how many orders are ahead of you)

Invisa-Shield Nano: Made for boats that are pulled out of the water after use

Help prevent scratches, never have a brown hull again, creates a 200 micron thick layer over existing gelcoat bottom, protects from oxidation, the water will never touch your bottom again! For boats not stored in the water.  Puts a rock hard layer 200 Micron thick layer on the hull of the boat to protect it from scratches getting into the gelcoat, turning brown, Gelcoat damage, discoloration spotting, environmental contaminants, and more!

Invisa-Shield uses a rolling pan and foam roller as the video shows for application. Both are simply rolled on using a foam roller and left to cure. Invisa-Shield nano is a 1 coat product that can not have another coat applied. 

Invisa-Shield Nano

25 Foot = 4oz

35 Foot = 6oz

45 Foot = 8oz

Invisa-Shield FLX

20 Foot = 1.5 gallons

30 Foot = 2.5 Gallons

40 Foot = 3.5 Gallons

50 Foot = 5 gallons

True protection you CAN'T see! It's invisible.

*** Surface must be prepped properly free of all sealants, coatings, waxes, oils, solvents, debris, fully dry, etc. All surfaces have been prepped with acid wash, and machine polishing prior to application. *** Rolling pans and rollers not included

***There is no warranty on any of our products when applied by Non-Authorized installers and or consumers. Our only warranty is the product arrives in good condition and is in proper condition for proper application.