Graph Pro Graphene 50mL

Graph-Pro Original
Easier to use and apply than Graph-Pro 2.0. Simply wipe on. Wait 30-60 seconds and wipe off. Allow 60 minutes between coats. 2 coats recommended for all ceramic coatings. Will create a much slicker, tighter beading surface than a traditional ceramic coating. Needs to be shaken before and during use. Can be used on fiberglass, gel coats, painted surfaces, Glass, Metal and smooth plastics, wraps and PPF. Can be used on Matte surfaces as well.
Will not last as long or stay hydrophobic as long as Graph Pro 2.0. Not as slick as Graph-Pro 2.0
Graph-Pro 2.0 (Synergy Top Coat)
Used exclusively by Dura-coating Technology in their Naples Detail Center as part of the Synergy 2 part coating system. Harder to apply than Graph-Pro original. Wipe on and wipe off immediately 20 seconds after application. wait 45-60 minutes in between coats. 2 coats recommended.  Recommended for Gelcoat, fiberglass, glass, painted surfaces, metal, matte and satin surfaces, as well as PPF and wraps
Synergy / Graph-Pro 2.0 will create the slickest most hydrophobic coating on the market today with unsurpassed hydrophobic longevity performance and protection.