Graph-Flash Graphene 10H Nano Coating



GRAPH-Flash lasts 3+ years with 2-3 coats. Made in the USA

Graph-Flash can be sprayed and wiped or applied traditionally. Can be used on Glass, Metal and painted surfaces. Easy to use. Tremendous slickness and water beading.

Insane depth, shine and protection. More resistant to water spots than traditional ceramic coatings. Creates a slicker, smoother surface feel then ceramics. Tighter water beads and better water shedding.

Compared to more traditional ceramic coatings, our newest coating is a partially reduced graphene-oxide modified ceramic coating variant, and it will be found to have some improved characteristics:

·       Higher Resin Loading Level: elevated resin loading compared to similar strictly quartz-based coatings due to the increased ease of use allowing this.

·       Less Prone to Water Spotting: less penetration of the contaminants into the coating matrix.

·       Lower Sliding Angle: water evacuates at angles less than 10-15° of tilt over traditionally 20° and higher! This presents itself as a highly dynamic hydrophobicity, compared to the more traditional static hydrophobicity of strictly quartz-based coatings.

·       Higher Contact Angle: bead angles averaging 110-115° or more on almost any substrate applied.

·       Higher Stain Resistance: bugs, saps, droppings, fallout, etc.

·       Higher Scratch/Mar Resistance: the added graphene-oxide imparts additional tensile strength to boost hardness.

·       Easier, Slicker, Glossier: higher open time and less chances for mistakes; flashes quickly and then sweats signaling time to wipe off – if it hazes this is too much dwell time and it has gone too far!

·       Universal Application:the graphene-oxide modified coating has nearly universal affinity for all substrates with a high level of adhesion and reactivity – no need to have a specific coating offered for a specific surface (i.e. trim, glass, paint, wheels).

*For professional results and longevity we recommend using a clay bar, machine polishing with our step 1, step 2 and or ceramic final polish prior to application. We recommend using our Graph-Spd or Re-Charge spray detailers to maintain the coating every 30-60 days as well as washing with Ceramic wash or Graphene wash every 30-60 days. Commercial car washes should be avoided.

Only use Dura-Coating Technology products to maintain your coating. Not all companies products are compatible. Cloudiness and loss of hydro phobic properties as well as failure could and have occurred.