Exterior Deep Clean & Prep


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Deep Clean Prep Wax, Sealant and heavy soil remover. Great for really dirty vehicles, before clay bar, after polishing to remove oils, before any new coatings or sealants are applied, bug and tar removal, removing heavy build up of waxes and sealants. You can literally take a filthy neglected car that's covered in dirt, bugs, mold, algae, and what ever else you can imagine and wash is with Deep Clean and the vehicle will literally look polished. Deep clean will remove embedded soils and build up. They will literally melt away and rinse clean. This will save enormous time using clay bar. Works great for stripping waxes and sealants that have built up. Creates a clean slate to reapply new waxes, sealants, and coatings. Deep Clean Uses the natural power of Pine Oil.