Gallon Dura-Wax Fully Synthetic Sealant - 6 Months Protection


Dura-Wax is a fully synthetic wax made up of polymers and resigns. Dura-Wax will create an ultra slick, high gloss coating on the vehicle.Full cure is 24-48 hours and should remain dry. Dura-Wax can be layered for additional gloss and protection. We do recommend you wait 4-5 days for a second application as the first coat must be fully cured.

Unmatched lasting protection and shine! Dura-Wax can last 20-30 washes or 5-6 months before reapplication.Tolerant of high temperatures as well unlike traditional wax. This is about as close as you can get to a ceramic coating without the difficulties in application that ceramic coatings can have.

Be certain to wipe Dura-Wax off your trim within 5-10 minutes should you get any on your trim.

We recommend very thin coats and the surface should free of any other sealants and waxes as you want Dura-Wax to bond to your vehicles paint, not the other coatings. Simply apply, then wait 10-30 minutes and wipe off with a clean soft microfiber towel. Removal is easy unlike traditional waxes are to remove.

X-Treme Seal and Liquid Wet will also make unreal toppers for Dura-Wax. However the combo works we don't know but it will literally look like your paint is dripping wet!

Both our Super Foam auto wash and Super Slick auto wash are safe to use on our sealants and waxes as we recommend either of them for longevity of the coatings.