Dura-Dressing Tire Coating PROMO


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Dura-Dressing Tire Coating is a super durable coating that doesnt wash off and wont come off in the rain! You can wash it, scrub it, pressure wash it, and drive through rain for months and Dura-Dressing will still be there! Just as our videos show!

Available in 4oz & 8oz bottles! Remember this ISN'T tire dressing. You dont need much

The average car uses 1-1.5oz of Dura-Dressing to coat all 4 tires several times!

The average truck tire uses 2-2.5oz of Dura-Dressing to coat all 4 tires several times!

Plenty of Dura-Dressing to do multiple vehicles!

HOW TO APPLY PROPERLY: (if you choose not to buy the Dura-Dressing total tire kit)

Your tires will need to be cleaned using Dura-Cleaner prior to install if you want the Dura-Dressing to work as shown. Youll Need to use our stiff tire brush as the video shows. Simply scrub the tires until the suds no longer turn brown. Once the suds stay white while your cleaning you are ready to apply. *make sure your tires are 100% cleaned and free of any previous tire dressings before you apply or Dura-Dressing wont work.

Make sure your tires are dry. Using your favorite foam tire dressing applicator simply wipe Dura-Dressing on as if it was tire dressing as the video shows.