DDE Spray Detailer & No Touch Engine Bay Cleaner

16oz DDE will add a high luster shine to plastics and rubber surfaces to give vehicles that showroom shine. DDE is a water based dressing that will dry on the surface giving a lasting shine without a greasy feel.

Interiors: Watch our instructional video at dura-coating.com.  Apply to a soft cloth or applicator pad and apply liberally to a clean dry cool surface. Allow product to dry and buff clean with a soft dry towel. Repeat as needed to achieve desired result. You may also apply liberally and wipe off excess immediately depending on results desired. Not recommended for seats, LCD screens, clear dash plastics, pedals, floor mats, and or steering wheels. DDEmay be used on rubber tires as well as a water based dressing.

Engine Bays: Watch our instructional video at dura-coating.com. Make sure engine bay is cleaned thoroughly before applying DDE. We recommend using our No Touch Engine Bay cleaner for proper cleaning. DDE may be sprayed to all surfaces wet or dry in engine bay compartment. Once DDE is sprayed to engine bay, close the hood and allow vehicle to run for 15 minutes. Repeat if needed.

16oz bottle of Xtreme Duty engine bay cleaner & degreaser makes 48oz for newer vehicles engine bay cleanings.

 NO TOUCH ENGINE BAY CLEANER! LITERALLY just spray and rinse.  Now 50% stronger. Dilute: 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water for newer vehicles that don't have baked on oil and grease residue. Use full strength for old more worn engine bays with lots of old oil residue that built up and baked on heavy.  We offer Professional Grade Products. We don't dilute our products down just to lower the cost so we get more people to buy. Once you use our stuff you will always use our stuff. It works better, faster, and you use less product because of that. Our products are the best Bang for you buck available today. Guaranteed or your money back!