Citrus Power All Purpose Cleaner


Citrus power uses the power of natural citrus to clean, deodorize and degrease Vehicles, Boats and Industrial applications. This powerful and Biodegradable cleaner is a safe all around product with many uses.

Instructions: Mix Citrus Power 1 part cleaner to 5 parts water for most applications. Use at full strength or 50:50 for heavily soiled applications. Use a 1 part Citrus Power to 2 parts water or 50:50 for removing polishing oils during/after correction and before coating applications. Citrus Power may also be used at full strength for bug and tar removal or as a deep cleaning of a heavily soiled vehicle. Do not allow Citrus Power to dry on any surface. May be used on Wheel, tires, engines, carpets, and upholstery

Made in the USA