Ceramic Final Polish



Ceramic Polish is a Medium Cut / Finishing Polish.

 Capable of an amazing amount of correction as a single step polish. Works on Boats, Trailers, Cars and Trucks along with plastics! Use in full sunlight! Go right to a ceramic coating after polishing with out cleaning off the surface!!! This is a must have polish!!!

A unique Kind of Polish to say the least! A little goes a crazy long way! Crazy workability even in the sun!!! Amazing on plastics also. This is a must have in your arsenal. One of the most used polishes we have and use on our own detailing jobs.

Ceramic Final Polish is a finishing polish in the paint correction process that integrates the hardness and durability of glass to protect your vehicle’s surface.  It’s perfect to use subsequent to compounding and polishing and prior to applying a ceramic coat.

You can go directly to applying any one of our ceramic coatings right after polishing with out having to wash or do any chemical wipe down for prep!!!

• Keeps your surface hydrophobic for 3 to 6 months.  Ceramic Final Polish repels water, helping you to avoid water stains and mud splashed from the road.  Wipe your worries away with a finishing polish that wicks water. For best results apply a quick coat of any of our Ceramic coatings as they are fully compatible with this polish.

• Works well in the sunlight.  Polishing in direct sunlight is risky because polish can flash, or dry before you are done working.  Ceramic Final Primer Polish contains lubricants that ensure this won’t happen, giving you enough time to do a thorough job.

For heavier scratches and swirls and for best results use our Exterior Deep Clean Wash, Clay Bar, then polish with our Step 1 Compound polish first, wipe down vehicle with our Surface Clean prep cleaner, polish with Ceramic Final Polish, and finally apply any one of our ceramic coatings.