9yr Rated 10H hardness 100% Ceramic coating. Unlike most other ceramics, this coating creates super slick soft feel people love! No one likes sticky ceramic coating feeling paint like the other guys make! They can keep that garbage. No one does it like we do!

50ML bottle will complete up to 3 cars. Applicator pad included!

Outstanding protection and lasts up to 9 years with one coat, but its the 2nd coat 45-60 minutes after the first coat that will take the shine to a level you didnt know was possible!

This coating is very thick when you apply it. Allow to dwell for 20-45 seconds depending on paint color and temperature. Wipe off till all the haze is gone. Flip your towel ofter and use a new towel often while applying this Pro level coating.

For best results: Wash vehicle, clay bar, machine polish, Surface clean wipe down, and then apply ceramic coatings. This applies to all ceramics.

For maintenance use only: Crazy suds as your weekly wash, Ceramic wash soap 1 time per month, and use Re-Charge maintenance spray 1 time each month after washing. Never use the detail products on shelves at big box stores and big chain auto parts stores. They can cloud your ceramic coating. They are loaded with filler like silicone and mineral spirits.