4 Year - 1 Coat Nano Ceramic Coating

Our 1 Coat Nano Ceramic lasts up to 4 years with just 1 coat!

 Two to three coats can be applied one hour apart from each coat for increased shine, protection and longevity.

Nothing protects and shines like a true ceramic quartz does. This is a true professional coating used by some of the finest auto detailers in the country!

As easy as or even easier than wax to apply! 

***You must remove all waxes and sealants from the surface before you apply any Ceramic coating. Our Exterior Deep Clean will strip all waxes and sealants with 1-2 washes. We do recommend if possible a Clay bar treatment and Step 2 polish to be used with all of our ceramics if possible for best results.*** 

***All of our ceramic coating should be properly maintained by avoiding commercial car washes. Use our Ceramic Wash Soap at least 1 time every 60-90 days and our Re-Charge Ceramic Spray wax once every 30-90 days.***