Get Your Vehicle Detailed


Looking to have your vehicle, boat, or plane detailed by Dura-Coating Technology? Every vehicle gets the personal attention of the Owner, Mark Messina. Mark Polished his first vehicle nearly 30 years ago. You may recognize him from all the Dura-Coating videos. His videos have gotten over 20 million views! His attention to detail is second to none. What ever it is you want detailed, you wont be disappointed!!!  The best products available today certainly give the best results!!!

Dura-Coating Technology has a 9700 sq ft facility located in Naples FL.

Call us today at 239-877-0411 or Email us at You can also click "Contact" on the top header of this website to send us a message.

You will speak directly to Mark himself to custom taylor the right plan for what you want.

Interior, Exterior detailing, Cleaning, Carpet Extraction Shampoo Services, Steam Cleaning, Swirl & Scratch Removal, Ceramic Coatings, Wheel Cleaning, Wheel Ceramic Coatings, Tire Coatings, Machine Polishing, Glass polishing, Glass Ceramic Coatings, Window Tinting, and More!!!