Trim Coat


 Watch the video to see how little we use.

Trim Coat is an advanced plastic 95% SIO2 high solids ceramic coating designed specifically for plastic. Trim Coat is unlike most ceramic coatings that do not work well, turn white, or do not last on plastics. Trim coat can be wiped on evenly and allowed to fully cure without wiping it off at all. Trim Coat is a unique ceramic coating that will cure perfectly clear and glossy without the need to remove excess. Other ceramic coatings would haze or turn white if this process was followed. Trim Coat is the most advanced Trim coating available on the market today.

Trim Coat may also be used on Glass surfaces so long as excess film is fully wiped off after 60 seconds.

Trim Coat is a coating that dries and cures into the plastic. Not a greasy silicone filled dressing that washes off and stays greasy. Trim Coat can last months on your trim protecting and keeping your trim from fading. Trim Coat will not further degrade your plastics and trim as other trim product do. Trim Coat is NOT a dressing but a "permanent" type of coating with extreme durability.

Watch the demo videos for more Information. 

Simply to apply. Extremely effective. Includes applicator pad. Does NOT include towel shown.

 15ML will do multiple vehicles.