Invisa-Shield Clear Bottom Paint 10H


Finally an ultra durable bottom coating that's not colored, doesnt look horrible, and wont slow your boat down!!!  Up to 300 Microns thick, this 10H ultra hard coating will help protect your hull from stains, algae, discolorations, oxidation, and anything else that try's to stick to it. Dramatically reduces water life from adhering to your bottom.

Just roll it on and forget it!!!  No need to wipe off!!!

8oz will do up to a 32-40 foot center console with 1 coat depending on hull size and shape

Can last up to 10 years depending on maintenance and conditions.

True protection you CAN'T see! Its invisible.

*Surface must be prepped properly free of all sealants, coatings, waxes, oils, solvents, debris, fully dry, etc