Ceramic Maintenance Wash and Clean Kit

Everything you need to properly keep your ceramic coating shining and beading water like the day it was applied!!!  Here is how you do it...

Wash vehicle once every 7 days with Crazy Suds wash soap and the Wash Mitt

Wash vehicle once every 30 days with Ceramic wash soap and the Wash Mitt

After each wash use our Cryo Hybrid Ceramic spray detailer to add a protective layer that will shed and remove along with it contaminates that would other wise stick to your ceramic coating. This is how we maintain our ceramic coatings.

Here is what you get..

-16oz Crazy Suds Wash Soap

-16oz Ceramic Wash soap ( shake well before use)

-Cryo Hybrid Ceramic Spray Detailer (shake well)

-Microfiber Wash Mitt