Wheely Clean 1 Gallon Ready-To-Use

1 gallon makes 8, 16oz bottles at just $4.25 per bottle!!!!

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE wheel cleaner for aFAST & easy wheel cleaning. High performance formula will clean and brighten wheels. Removes oxidation, restores original finish, removes brake dust, safe for glass and painted & clear coat surfaces.   Simply spray on and let dwell for 1-2min without allowing product to dry out. Scrub with wheel brush and rinse thoroughly. This is an acid based professional cleaner that does its job very very well. This 1 Gallon jug is Ready-To-Use. No Mixing required.  

*Mixed at 1 gallon of Wheely concentrate to 4 gallons of water in the Gallon* May also be diluted further if needed. Use our Wheely Clean concentrate for for heavier cleaning jobs