Hydro-Phobia Quick Ceramic & Tire Coating Value Pack

                 For those who love shiny paint and shiny tires all the time!

The Dura-Dressing tire coating kit will keep your tires looking good for months with no reapplication and the Hydro-Phobia Ceramic Coating will give you a layer of insane shine and protection for up to 1 year like no other!

Make your ride stand out!

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Dura-Dressing Total Tire Kit Single Car

Hydro-Phobia up to 1 Year SiO2 Ceramic Coating (2-3 Vehicles)

Crazy Suds Ceramic safe Auto Wash

Exterior Deep Clean & Prep (for ceramic coating prep)

Applicator pads

Spray tips also included for Ceramic and Dura-Dressing but not shown