DURA-COATx Permanent Trim Coating

DURA-COATx is our Permanent Faded Surface, Trim & Plastic Restorer.  

Plain and simple, if its fades Dura-Coatx will bring it back for a long, long lasting shine that can handle the hot sun like no other product on the market can. This will restore virtually any faded plastic, virtually any faded painted or metal surface, oxidized patio furniture, oxidized bronze pool cages & Fences, faded or oxidized latex painted surfaces and what ever else you can dream up. Weve put it on everything. This is a 2 part mix that is so strong it will bond with Epoxy.The picture attached of the Mirror on the truck was applied 8 months ago in the hot Florida sun

 Do not apply to shiny ultra smooth plastics on vehicle exterior. The rougher the surface and the more faded it is, the more Dura-Coatx will bond to it. Do not use of exterior paint of automobiles.

This is a 2 part mix. Once mixed you have 3-4 hours to use it. Whatever is unused must be discarded after 3-4 hours from the time it was

***You must also use the Dura-Coatx within 30 days of receiving it. Each order is blended to ship the same day***   Always test a spot on your trim first.