Dura-CoatX Wheel Well Kit For Trucks


      ***Must Be Used With In 30 Days Of Ordering****

This is truly the longest lasting wheel well coating you'll ever use!

Our Permanent Wheel Well Dressing Kit. Dura-Coat x is what you’ve always wished your wheel wells would look like! Washable, rain proof, dark & shiny, dry to the touch, non greasy, and crazy long lasting. This is a 2 part mix that’s crazy chemical resistant as well as UV resistant. Wheel wells are exposed on all pick up trucks. So you want them to look good too.  Hey after all they need to keep up with your Dura-Dressed tires! Keeps your wheel wells looking great for up to 6 or even 12 months depending on driving conditions. You be shocked how clean your truck will look all the time with shiny tires and shiny dark wheel wells. Crazy easy to apply. Just put some on the microfiber pad and wipe on. Thats it. Anyone can do it. Goes on slightly white/purple and dries crystal clear. Apply it to the painted truck frame, springs, suspension, or anything else under there. We accept returns if you're not happy. 100% full refund. What else do you need?? Check us out on Youtube. Search for Dura-Coat or Dura-Dressing and our videos will come up. Check out the Dura-Coat x video we just posted on the engine bay of a Mercedes detail using this product. The before and after will blow your mind!


  • 16oz Step 2 wheel well cleaners
  • (2 kits) Dura-Coat x 2 Part Coating
  • 2 applicator pads
  • Spray tips, scrub brush, nitrile gloves, and instructions.
Your wheel wells will look clean 24/7!  *Not for use on Fabric type wheel wells*