Dura-Coat X Bed Liner Restoration Kit

Restore your old faded spray in Bed-liner!!! Its fast and easy! Simply clean it, then coat it!!! (for spray in Bed-Liners only as the video shows)

What you get:

(2) Dura-CoatX kits (2 bottles part A and 2 bottles part B)

(1) Scrub brush

(1) 16oz Cleaner Degreaser

(2) microfiber applicator pads

(4) Latex gloves

(Foam roller and pan not included)


Instructions for use:  (always wear gloves)

Thoroughly clean surface to remove any and all waxes, oils, solvents, grease, or anything else you want to remove before coating. Dura-CoatX will not adhere to greases, oils, solvents, fuels, etc. So make sure you clean the surface properly. 

Rinse and fully dry after scrubbing and cleaning. Rinse heavily.

Works best in direct sunlight. wear gloves. Simply roll on, smooth out and puddles or heavy areas with a foam roller. Roller must be foam. Do not use any other type of roller other whats shown in the video. Tape off any areas around painted surfaces, glass, etc that you do not wish to coat. Immediately wipe off any areas Dura-CoatX gets onto that you wish to remove using a wet soap cloth to remove before it dries. Have a wet cloth on hand during your application. 

Allow to cure in the sunlight for 24-36 hours before any water comes into contact with the new coated surface. May be done indoors as well with a longer cure time.