(16oz professional Wholesale) Celsius - 1+ Year Ceramic Nano Spray Coating



Use on Exterior Paint / Glass / Wheels / Plastic Trim all in one!

Celsius not only contains actual SiO2 but it also contains true Ceramic!

Spray on and wipe off!!! Literally!!! Celsius is perhaps the longest lasting spray detailer on the market today. 7H hardness! Protects for up to 2 years or longer with just 1-2 quick applications. Never have to wax your car again once Celsius Nano is applied for up to 1+ years. Creates a coating harder than the clear coat on your paint. More scratch resistant and chemical resistant. Hydro-phobic for up to 1+ years. Perhaps the most revolutionary coating available today. Creates massive depth and reflective shine. Like a layer of rock hard ceramic diamond coating protecting your vehicle 24/7 for up to 1+ years. Wash less and shine more!  Made in USA

Increase your daily production by reducing labor time on ceramic coating application by 70%-80%. You can apply to 2-3 cars in the time it takes to do 1 the traditional way. Time = money. Increase daily production simply by changing the product you use. Now you can Apply a Ceramic Coating to a standard car in about 30 minutes with a total cost to you of about $30 for a 7H SiO2 coating with True Ceramic!

Includes 16oz with spray tips and foam applicators. Enough for 8-12 vehicles. Celsius goes a long long way! Re-apply anytime you want to! 

We highly recommend removing any existing waxes and sealants from the surface before applying Celsius using our Exterior Deep Clean & Prep. 2 Coats recommend for even coverage.