Blue Premium & Pro Shine Red Metal Polishes

No you are not seeing double. Get 2 of what we believe are the best metal polishes on the market today.

The Blue Premium is our Flagship Metal polish for all metals that can be polished. We created a new Pro Shine Red Metal Polish for professionals with more lubricity for high speed polishing and a faster flash. 

Our Opinions:

Blue Premium Metal Polish is better by hand in our opinion and works better on some surfaces with a DA polisher. Works awesome with a DA Polisher as well.

Pro Shine Red Metal Polish is better with high speed polishers. Does not works as well on a DA. The Pros we supply love this polish on their machines. Works much better with rotary polishers with a wool pads than the blue. Outstanding on forged wheels. Works amazing with Spiral Cotton buffs and Flannel Airway wheels! Better than rouge in some cases actually. Many Pros have called to tell us that.