Wheely Clean Wheel Cleaner Concentrate


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Makes 4 times more than our ready to use pre-mixed!

This is our most powerful and effective Cleaner for Aluminum, Chrome, and clear coated wheels. Brightens Chrome and Aluminum. Ultra-concentrated, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE wheel cleaner for a FAST & easy wheel cleaning. High performance formula will clean and brighten wheels and rims.  Simply spray on and let dwell for 1-2min or what ever your job calls for without allowing product to dry out. Scrub with wheel brush and rinse thoroughly. Biodegradable and absolutely awesome! You'll love Wheely Clean.

Make your Polishing and maintenance easier with Wheely Clean Aluminum and Chrome Cleaner Ready to Use. Use as a wash for Aluminum and Chrome. Brightens and Cleans. Use as a pre-treatment before you polish to remove more oxidation and stains to reduce polishing time and the amount of polish you need to polish each surface. Made in the USA

Make your own dilution rate with our concentrated Wheely Clean. Made for heavy  duty cleaning jobs and pre-cleaning metal before polishing.

*For Non-Clear coated powder coated and Non-Clear coated painted wheels use our Iron Off Wheel Cleaner